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Energy Healing

Energy Healing enables us to work with the subtle energy systems of the body so we can restore balance and harmony to our bodies and lives.

Your body is made of energy and all energy seeks resolution, in other words, your body is always doing its best to heal and rebalance. We hinder this natural process with our limiting thoughts and beliefs and as well as the energies we take on from the world around us, and sometimes, energies that have carried through from past lives.


Over time this can have a huge impact on your body and it is often not until we are in pain or suffering in some way that we start to question what is going on.

Pain and dis-ease are messages from the body that something is out of balance and it gives us the opportunity to look at the underlying cause. Energy Healing encompasses the rebalancing of the entire mind, body and spirit and allows us to grow and learn as we become more conscious and mindful beings.

How Can Energy Healing Help You?
Energy Healing can be used to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-based issues from depression and stress to pain and trauma. It can bring balance to relationships, improve confidence and self-esteem as well as increasing your finances and success in business because all of these issues begin with an imbalanced energy.

Energy Healing often addresses diseases and complaints that modern medicine cannot because it takes the whole being into account, not just the physical symptoms.

I have successfully worked with PTSD, depression, stress, anxiety, phobias, addictions, trauma, cancer, arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, pain, back problems, financial and work related issues and much more.

Distance Healing
Energy Healing is equally effective whether I am working with a client on the phone, online or in person. The only difference is the in-person option offers a more hands-on experience but this does not affect the actual healing in any way since we are working with energy so distance is irrelevant. 

Healing Modalities
There are myriad healing modalities available and each healer uses those that resonate with them and the type of work they do. I have experienced many over the years and now work with a few that I find offer the quickest and most effective results. I will briefly share a little about them to give you some insight into how they work:

ThetaHealing® – this modality is my favourite. It is very powerful, fast and direct. By tapping in to the theta brainwave state we can access limiting subconscious beliefs and clear or change them instantly. We can also teach the body new feelings, for example, what it feels like to be joyful or successful and this literally creates new neural pathways in the brain. This modality also has some wonderful energy clearing techniques and I’ve found it invaluable for working with deep-seated trauma.
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Access Bars® – this amazing modality uses 32 points on the head to clear stored beliefs, points of view, feelings and limitations and is much like clearing files from your computer’s hard drive. It’s very relaxing and recent studies show that is can reduce stress and depression from 53% - 100% in one 60 minute session! (And I have experienced this in my practice.)

Access Body Processes – there are about 60 different hands-on body processes from Access Consciousness and each one works with the body to facilitate a deep level of healing. From releasing cellular memory (of trauma etc) to cell rejuvenation (improve signs of aging) and much, much more. As I tune into the body it will let me know which body process will create the greatest change in that session - the body always knows how to heal itself.

Symphony of Possibilities – an advanced Access Consciousness modality that works with the being to facilitate a deep level of healing that goes beyond words, thought and the mind to a space of total allowance.

Healing Is About More Than A Modality
While the previously mentioned modalities are a huge contribution to my work, healing is about far more than just the modalities. It’s about the healer’s ability to truly be present with the client, to hold a space of infinite possibilities and no judgment, and the ability to follow the energy with whatever shows up. For me, these qualities have come from the experience built over years of working with clients, but also the willingness to do the inner work myself to keep my energy clear and thus create a safe and supportive space for healing. I would love to work with you if you are ready to transform your life.

Healing with Keryn
During a healing session I tune in to your body and let it speak to me. I feel, know, see, hear and perceive energy and information that gives me insight into what is blocking you and causing dis-harmony. We can then clear this block and release any stuck energy.

I work with the Creator, your guides and my guides to provide a deep level of healing with the highest integrity for all concerned. I occasionally connect with loved ones, especially those who have passed recently or show up to assist with the healing in some way.

If you would like to know more about how I work and whether this type of healing would suit you please feel free to contact me. Alternatively, you can dive right in and book your session using the link below. I look forward to connecting with you. 

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