Light Language

Light Language is the Universal Language of the Soul. It goes beyond the conscious mind to activate and awaken dormant aspects of our consciousness, facilitating spiritual growth, healing, and energetic alignment.

Light Language is multi-dimensional and comes in packets of information that unlock parts of our mind and can clear deep blocks in the body, activate dormant DNA, bring through deep and ancient awareness and wisdom, facilitate deep cellular healing and much more.

Each Light Language Activation Session helps you to remember who you are and what you once knew.

Light Language Activation Sessions

Sessions include:

  • a deep Stargate Meditation to bring you into a 12th dimensional energy and connect with Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Family.
  • Personalised Channelled Light Language to suit your circumstances and support the next step in your journey.
  • Integration of energies.
  • A Recording is provided so you can listen numerous times after your session as each listening will open up new layers.

Light Language unlocks over time, perhaps days or weeks after the session. It is a living transmission that will continuously unfold and work with your individual body, mind and spirit so that you receive what you need in each moment.

Session - 45 mins