Inspire - Empower - Transform

Keryn offers fast, direct and powerful healing and coaching to help you release blocks, clear limiting subconscious beliefs and step into  greater health, wealth and happiness in your life.

Raise your vibration and align with 5th to 12th dimensional energies as we prepare for an intense and profound year of change.

Join in powerful meditations, light language activations and energy clearings. Discover more about our Galactic History and the Ascension of Earth, how AI and ETs fit into our future, Astrological events and how to stay balanced amid the chaos.

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Change Your Beliefs - Change Your Life

Every aspect of your life is largely determined by your subconscious beliefs and this influences whether you succeed or fail, have wealth or poverty, illness or health. These beliefs are formed before the age of seven and create habit patterns that people find difficult to change. Using techniques from ThetaHealing® we can easily identify and change these deeply-held beliefs so you can move forward with more confidence and sense of purpose in your relationships, health, finances and career.

How Can ThetaHealing Help?

Theta Healing enables us to work at a cellular level to change limiting patterns and energetic blocks so we can restore balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can help you:

  • Release Stress, Anxiety, Phobias
  • Heal from Injury & Pain
  • Clear blocks around Wealth & Abundance
  • Build a Successful Business
  • Reach your performance goals/dreams
  • Resolve Relationship Issues
  • Gain Confidence, Clarity & Sense of Purpose
  • Develop a deeper Spiritual Connection
  • Enhance Intuitive Abilities
  • Feel Happier & Enjoy Life!


A Practical Guide

to Energy Clearing

Do you take on other people's energies? 

Get easily stressed or overwhelmed?

Feel super-sensitive or over-emotional?

Learn Simple Tools for Clearing Your Energy!

What Happens in a Session?

Keryn works intuitively to discover what is required for each session based on what you wish to achieve. A session may include the following:

  • Intuitive Body Scan to read your energy for blocks and insights
  • Identify and clear Limiting Subconscious Programs
  • Deep healing - including Past Lives (Earth & Galactic) , Karmic Bonds, Womb Trauma, Soul Healing, Genetic Issues and more.

Keryn Lee - Intuitive Healer & Teacher 

Keryn is a highly intuitive healer, teacher and author. She has  the ability to see and transform core blocks and beliefs that limit your true potential. Her spiritual journey began 40 years ago and has led her to create a successful and rewarding business where she inspires and empowers others to discover their true talents and shine their light in the world.

Liz McCullough

Gaia Intuitive Healing

I chose Keryn's program because I wanted more from my life and I got far more than I expected. I am more confident, intuitive, my relationship to money has changed and I can genuinely say I am the happiest I have ever been. I have created my intuitive healing business, a dream that I previously didn’t have the confidence to action. Keryn has increased my awareness and shown me possibilities, I didn’t know life could be so good and that I could be so happy. Thank you for your kind and non-judgemental approach Keryn, you are pure magic and I am so grateful. 

Annette Herd

Artist, Writer, Healer

When you are in the thick of things, it is often hard to imagine that change is even possible. But through my sessions with Keryn this is exactly what happened! I am finally living for myself, not everyone else. I have gained clarity, focus and the confidence to live the life I have always wanted as an artist, writer and healer. And the changes I have made are having a wonderful domino effect on the world around me. Keryn’s VIP program with its regular intensive sessions may well be the best investment in your future you could ever make. (