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I had an incredible experience with Keryn during my first healing session with her. I had not known exactly what to expect, but Keryn was a calm, safe space and I felt completely comfortable opening up and discussing intimate details of my life. With her guidance and questions we were able to uncover some deeply buried traumas and associated belief systems, going very far back into my soul’s journey and subsequently doing some profound releasing and healing. I walked out of my session feeling lighter - physically and emotionally - than I ever have and with more knowing of who I am than ever before. A truly beautiful insight into me, connection and life. Thank you Keryn.

Kerry K.

Keryn exhibits amazing, inherent gifts that are not only inspirational but extremely practical. Through sessions with Keryn I have been able to expand my mindset, implement new practices, both personally and professionally and feel that I have found a wonderfully kind, empathetic healer

Sue C.

This will be a long review. I apologise I just have so much to say! I can easily admit that Keryn has been a miracle for both myself and the people around me. Having suffered severe mental health issues for the good part of 10 years, I have tried every possible option of the western medicine approach. It was completely derailing. From hospitalisation and shock therapy to years of soul-sucking anti-depressants, I had given up and knew I would have to learn to live that way.

That’s until I met Keryn. In the short four months I’ve been doing Theta-healing session, I have finally found my peace. Her gentle intuitive approach allows you to work on what you’re ready to heal and ease whatever you are not. It’s honestly like a vacuum has sucked all the dark out of my body/mind and now I see life for what it truly is; light and exciting!

I’m back at work, studying for my dream career and easily living a stable, healthy lifestyle. I’m being told constantly by those around me that I’m almost unrecognisable, but I just feel like me now!

I cannot recommend Keryn enough to absolutely anyone wanting to live a better, more magical life. She will help you come back home to yourself and heal everything on the journey there.

Sarah D.

Keryn is an amazing healer. She creates an environment which is safe and comforting to clear and rejuvenate the spirit. I highly recommend her !

Diana W.

I have been a client of Keryn’s for several years in multiple healing capacities. Not only for myself, but also for my children. Her kind and compassionate nature, coupled with her incredible intuitive and healing practices has completely changed my life. We no longer survive through life, we thrive!

Jennine B.

Keryn is kind and extremely gifted with her work. She has an ability to walk you through any situation and leave you with a sense of peace and joy. Highly recommended!

Huan Rong X.

Keryn is knowledgeable and a powerful speaker. I like her insightful idea and inspiration. She always gives some tools to workout yourself and help to build your life. I highly recommend her.

Gloria S.

I found the (Basic DNA) class to be amazing, fun, interactive and engaging. I learnt so much and so easily too. Theta resonates with me. Keryn's teaching style and format was fantastic too. I feel I walk away with a new me, a new consciousness and a heap of tools to help me heal myself, others and my pets. I look forward to the Advanced class and the time in between to practise my new skills.

Danie M.

The Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing course has helped me to improve my abilities and trust myself more. The structure and pace was just right for me and it was taught by Keryn in a very patient and understanding manner.

It helped me to release may beliefs that I no longer need and gave me further insight into myself. I highly recommend to everyone to do it if you can. 

James M.

I have completed both the Basic ThetaHealing course and the Advanced ThetaHealing course with Keryn. She is an excellent teacher. Keryn presented the courses well and made all of the students feel at ease.

I have undertaken spiritual development classes with Keryn as well. She has so much knowledge in the area of energy healing and has a great deal of practical knowledge to share with both her students and clients.

Tracy W. 

A friend recommended me to try a Theta session, I found Keryn online and attended a session and did not realise how fast Keryn was able to find my hidden deep down core belief which were restricting me from marriage, finance to happiness. After my second session I have not felt this good in many years, hearing the horrible beliefs I had unconsciously created hit hard but then releasing them in the sessions felt like a heavy burden was finally lifted.
This was something new for me but seeing such amazing results I would definitely recommend Keryn as I have already with family. The session is held in her private studio, I felt comfortable to say anything with no judgement and all I felt was someone was there to listen, understand and help in a safe environment.
Thanks again for removing these blockages in my life and the new feeling of enjoyment and happiness. Look forward to another session again.

Seth H. 

I would like to thank Keryn for her great delivery and facilitation of the 3 day Basic DNA Theta Healing Practitioner Training Course.

I didn't know if I would be successful with entering the Theta mind state, having purchased the book some years earlier and basically giving up on the idea at that time. I needn't have worried, Theta was there and waiting for me. It had been there patiently waiting my whole life and thanks to Keryn I can now access it so effortlessly, with confidence and begin using this fast track healing modality for both the greater well being of my clients and for me. 

As an energy worker, body worker and shaman, theta fits in perfectly with all these modalities. I couldn't recommend a better Theta trainer than Keryn. I'm a very happy customer!

Vesna Rozman, Shaman, 

Wolf Song Art and Wellbeing Studio

Vesna R.

Keryn has an amazing talent for healing, she intuitively knows what is needed and I have had numerous healing sessions with her over the years. I always feel so much lighter and calmer after a session which are often done by phone as I live in the country. I highly recommend this wonderful lady.

Pam H.

Keryn has contributed tremendous support for my breakthrough of the spiritual journey in the last 6 months. Highly recommended for anyone who's in Adelaide to have face-to-face healing with her or anywhere in the world to have distance healing!!

Christina P.

Keryn is an amazing, gifted healer. I felt comfortable, safe and trusted in the healing session. She helped me move forward in life when I had a huge blockage. Highly recommend Keryn and her services. She also has some great products in her store.

Vilma J.

I highly recommend Keryn, she is very intuitive, gentle and nurturing in her approach. You will feel held and supported during her healing sessions.

Aurelie M.

I loved receiving healing throughout the (Basic DNA) course so that I could get more out of it. It showed a genuine care for our learning and development, and a desire to see us succeed. I appreciate your assistance when feeling stuck, your kindness and compassion. I gained an awareness of how the issues in my life can be changed with my personal healing, and tools to change my life.

Liz M.

The Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing class was the most profound course I have ever attended.

It allowed me to clear a lifetime of baggage, unearth and release unhelpful beliefs and gain a far deeper insight into myself than I ever thought possible.

If you are looking to hone your intuition, improve your confidence and believe in your abilities, then this course is the one you have been looking for.

Thank you Keryn for your wisdom, guidance, patience and understanding throughout the three weeks.

Angela M.

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