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Available In-Person, via Phone or Zoom

Dynamic sessions include an intuitive body scan, deep energy clearing and the release of blocks and limiting subconscious beliefs that create dis-ease and dis-harmony in your life. May include healing related to past lives, trauma, soul healing and much more, that can impact your health, wealth, happiness and relationships.

90 mins - $333



Immersion Day

Available In-Person, via Phone or Zoom

A transformational day on one-on-one healing and personal growth. Includes energetic body work, deep healing and intuitive insights. (Some hands-on body work is unavailable for distance sessions but other options are available.) Plus a Bonus Personalised Audio Clearing. After purchasing you will be contacted you to arrange a day that suits.

9.00 am - 4.30 pm - $1200

Personalised Programs

Shine Your Light - Life Transformation

Available in Person, via Phone or Zoom
Work intensively with Keryn to clear blocks and barriers to creating the future you truly desire. Release the "Secret Saboteurs" - past lives, curses, entities, limiting subconscious beliefs, ancestral karma, soul level blocks and more, so you can experience greater freedom, joy, abundance, health and wellbeing.

Book a Discovery Session with Keryn for only $87 (Normally $147) 

Secret Healer's Business (VIP Program)

Available In-Person, via Phone or Zoom

Work personally with Keryn to improve your intuitive skills, discover the secrets of being a professional healer and clear the blocks that limit your success so you can build a fun and rewarding business. In this program you will clear the "Secret Saboteurs" and hidden beliefs that hinder your ability to share your gifts with the world in a rewarding and fulfilling way.

Book a Discovery Session with Keryn for only $87 (Normally $147) 

*Discovery sessions are highly beneficial to help you gain clarity about where you are heading for the future, 

help to uncover your blocks and discover what you can do to move forward with greater ease. It will also help you decide whether

an intensive program would suit you and what you wish to create for your future.

Online Learning
Intuition Accelerator

Intuition Accelerator

Join Keryn for a deep dive into developing your intuitive and psychic abilities. Clear deep blocks using specific clearing processes, theta downloads and intuitive healing, change limiting subconscious beliefs that limit your abilities and participate in some fun exercises to enhance your abilities. Includes downloadable workbook and clearing of the "Atlantean Headband" that limits psychic abilities.

The Secret Language of MONEY

Uncover deep blocks related to money, wealth, abundance and prosperity. Clear lifetimes worth of blocks, release vows of poverty, uncover and clear core, genetic, history and soul level subconscious beliefs. Participate in the Financial Blueprint exercise, discover the 7 money dis-eases and what they're telling you and much more. 

NEW! The REAL Reasons you Take on Other People's Energy 

Did you know that taking on energy from others is NOT about being too sensitive! This is the SYMPTOM not the CAUSE. We’ve been taught that we’re oversensitive and we must use protection rituals and avoid busy environments, but these are not effective solutions and don't address the true cause. This class is a deep dive into clearing blocks and unresolved energies and learning how to overcome this common issue.

NEW! Hidden Truths about EATING DISORDERS 

A powerful and dynamic class where we dive deep into the underlying issues related to eating disorders and how to create change in this area. Incorporates specific exercises, identifying and clearing limiting subconscious beliefs, receiving Theta downloads, energy clearing, deep group healing and practical energy tools to use in your daily life.

Replay available soon 

Energetic VIRUS Protection

From FEAR to FREEDOM during & Beyond a Pandemic

Learn about the frequency of viruses, how to go beyond them, what energies viruses are drawn to, how to raise your vibration so you don't attract these energies. Receive deep healing, energy clearing, energetic downloads and how to navigate the pandemic from a space of love and contribution instead of fear and drama. 

Join the LIVE Class for only $27

Learn Intuitive Tarot Online

Learn to read Tarot cards intuitively with Keryn in this fun, comprehensive and informative online Tarot course. Learn in the comfort of your own home through written content, videos and audio. Watch videos of Keryn working with students and breaking down spreads including the complex Celtic Cross spread, which as you will see has many hidden layers. This course trains your mind to work like a professional reader.

Being A Healer Teleclass

Get the Insider Secrets! An introductory class for anyone who is a healer or would like to be. Keryn discusses working with clients, developing intuition and much more. Includes clearing blocks to being a healer as well as a Theta Meditation. 

Let's Do Business Different

Do you create your business from the space of "how can I get more clients?" or do you create from "what would be fun for me today?" Notice the difference in the energy of each question. The latter inspires greater expansion, empowerment and joy and is the perfect energy for growing your business. In this class you will learn tools and techniques for creating a fun, successful and rewarding business that aligns with your true nature and purpose.