Ascension 2024

We are at an exciting point in humanity’s evolution and it’s vital now that we are prepared for the vast changes that will be happening over the next few years. As we shift into 5D the old rules and structures no longer apply and there are energies that will rise up in a last effort to maintain control.

Your energy makes a difference!

It is time to foster a culture of peace and to remember our Divine selves as we graduate beyond the "schoolyard playground" of a three-dimensional earth so we can take our place within a multi-dimensional "University" with our star families. 

Discover more about our Galactic History and the Ascension of Earth and Humanity, how AI and ETs fit into our future, the support and guidance we are receiving, as well as how to be a conscious participant in the earth changes that we are living right now.

Raise your vibration and align with the ascension of humanity and the planet so you can:

  • Go beyond duality and 3D drama
  • Align with your True Nature & Purpose
  • Align with 5th to 12th dimensional energies
  • Move through changes more quickly and easily

Ascension is a personal journey and will be different for everyone, however it is so powerful when we join together to create transformation for ourselves and the planet, to deepen our understanding and awareness and to share our journey with others.

We will include a variety of the following experiences in a 2-hour session each month:

  • Powerful Stargate Meditations
  • Light Language Activations
  • Superconscious Recodes & Energetic Downloads
  • Group Exercises
  • Tools, Information & Guidance to Support your Journey

First Class Wed, March 13th 2024

Monthly Wednesdays

2 hour Online Class via Zoom

Sessions are recorded and you have access to the recording for one month.

An audio version will be available for download.

Access to Ascension 2024 Connection Group

 for Support, Guidance & Community Spirit

$55 per month

Payment is by monthly subscription. Cancel at any time.


Ascension Frequencies

BONUS 1. Using Advanced Digital Body Scanning technology you will receive a monthly Scan & Optimisation, with an emailed Report of your Body Systems & Vitals to help bring your physical body into balance.  

(Value $22 per month)

Watch a Video - What is the Scan & Optimize feature?

BONUS 2. Each month Subtle Energy Frequencies will be sent to you daily (Mon-Fri) for up to one hour to align you with the higher vibrational frequencies to support our ascension into 5D. These are uplifting and and help shift emotional blocks.

(Value $33 per month)

Watch a Video - What are Subtle Energy Frequencies?

Total Bonus VALUE $55 per month

Included FREE for anyone in the group who would like to receive them.