Frequency Healing

Frequency Healing is available through the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer technology. This is non-invasive bio-resonance technology that can detect abnormalities in various cells, tissues, and organs in the body and send corrective frequencies to resolve imbalances and enhance wellness and vitality.

Einstein said, "the future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies" and we are seeing this now more than ever as frequency therapies come to the fore and these scientific advancements are offering remarkable outcomes.

*Please note that all scans and frequencies are conducted by distance.  The AO scan does not offer diagnostic advice, but is used to provide educational information to support your health and wellbeing.

AO Scans

Choose from the following options that best suit your needs. After purchasing Keryn will email you asking for details required to perform scan (D.O.B etc).

Options can be mixed and matched and discounts are available when purchasing numerous sessions. Please email Keryn for more pricing details and how we can best suit your personal requirements.

Basic Scan

includes the Inner Voice, Vitals and Body Systems remote scans.

Vitals & Body Systems include Optimisation of imbalances & an emailed report. 

Inner Voice scan (optional) - requires a voice recording. An MP3 of correctional frequencies will be emailed to you.

This option helps you get an idea of imbalances in the body or when performed regularly can bring about enhanced results.

Single Scan


Scan + Personalised Frequencies

This includes everything in the Basic Scan plus a playlist of up to 12 frequencies that are selected personally for you depending on any symptoms and desired outcomes.

These frequencies are then sent daily to you for 5 days.

This option can be helpful in case of injury or illness to relieve pain and promote recovery or for general health & wellbeing.

Single Scan + PF $49

Four Scans + PF


Scan + Personalised Frequencies + Consult

This includes everything in the Basic Scan, a playlist of up to 12 frequencies that are selected personally for you depending on any symptoms and desired outcomes, and a consult with Keryn via Zoom for analysis of your reports.

These frequencies are then sent daily to you (Mon - Fri) for a month.

This option can be helpful to give deeper insight into your specific issues and a chance to discuss further options for healing.  

Single Scan + PF + Consult


SEFI Groups

SEFI stands for Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinting.

Frequencies are sent to each group daily for an entire month. (Mon - Fri)

Join a group relating to the frequencies you would like to receive to enhance various areas of your life. Each option encompasses a selection of frequencies to support the chosen topic. 

Choose from the following Groups:

Sleep Well

Mental Function

Chakra Balancing & Shielding

Mood Uplift

Stress Free 

Hormone Balance

Health & Vitality

*Please note: these groups are not physical groups. People in the same groups simply receive the same frequencies.

One Group


Two Groups


Four Groups- $99

(Purchase 3 Get 1 Free)

*Subscriptions recur monthly and may be cancelled at any time.

Watch Video on SEFI Groups

AO Scan Subscription

Put your health and that of your family into your own hands and purchase your own AO Scan subscription and access the technology from your phone, table or computer - all for the cost of a monthly subscription! Cancel anytime, no costly outlays to get started.

As part of my team you will have access to support and training as you learn to use the device.