Galactic Healing

In these sessions Keryn connects with Creator/Source to offer healing that identifies the origin of trauma, imbalances and karmic patterns that may come from lifetimes and experiences beyond Earth.

We come from the stars, have our own star family and have lived in many different star systems. We have DNA that has been shared by our cosmic ancestors and therefore we are often still playing out old patterns that began long before we remember. These memories and energies are stored in both our personal and collective fields of energy and even our DNA.

"At this time on Earth, as humanity is ascending into a fifth 

dimensional reality and undergoing deep personal and

global transformations, more specific healing is required

to stay balanced, raise our vibration and move towards

the future we desire." -- Keryn

There can be suppressed energies such as our psychic and intuitive abilities, or limitations such as what Keryn calls "Slave DNA" that keeps humanity following the pack, waiting for a saviour and giving our power away to others. It's literally programmed into our DNA, but we can change this. (Everything is energy, and energy can be transformed.) 

For those interested in contact with ETs, there are ways to enhance your energy and abilities so you resonate at a higher vibration of love and compassion that is more conducive to attracting such contact. These sessions can also be tailored for you to help with this. 

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Galactic Healing sessions came about through Keryn's own journey to raise her vibration as a way to contribute to creating a more spiritually advanced and harmonious race on Earth, along with her training as a Galactic Akashic Records Reader, 14 years experience as a ThetaHealing Practitioner and teacher, and 18 years teaching personal and spiritual development. Her mission is to guide others through their Ascension, beyond the "slave" mind into full personal empowerment and sovereignty.

1 Hour - $250