Frequency Healing

Is your health failing? Do you suffer from pain or chronic illness? Do you struggle with allergies, rashes or conditions that confuse doctors? Are you finding it difficult to improve your health and enjoy life to the fullest? 

Despite advances in modern medicine there is more sickness and disease on the planet than ever before. There are billions of dollars worth of prescription drugs being sold, children getting diseases that were previously predominant in adults and we face epidemic proportions of diabetes, chronic heart disease, obesity and cancer.

The human body has the capacity to stop, prevent and reverse such debilitating diseases given the right conditions. 

The Kickstart to Health program offers a holistic approach that incorporates energy healing with diet, lifestyle, exercise, spiritual practises and superfoods that are personally designed to suit you and your needs. 

Over the course of two months you receive the training and support to create a new approach with your health that will sustain you for the rest of your life - and one that is simple and easy to implement. The program is individually tailored and incorporates the following as required:

  • Energy Healing for complete body balance and rejuvenation
  • Lifestyle coaching to facilitate the integration of new elements into your life for optimum health and vitality
  • Re-programming of limiting beliefs and patterns that cause dis-ease and dis-harmony in your body and life
  • Full support and personal guidance on your healing journey
  • Tools & techniques to incorporate into your daily life to maximise success

Are you ready for a Body, Mind, Spirit boot-camp? 

This is a chance to really commit to your body and your health so that you can enjoy life to it's fullest.

For full details of this program click the link below. You will be sent a brief questionnaire and then we will set up a time for a FREE Kickstart To Health Coaching Session.

This session will help you

  • get clear about your health goals and the issues that are blocking you from achieving this
  • discover how to move forward towards your ideal vision of a healthy body and lifestyle
  • receive full details about the Kickstart to Health program

If the program feels like a fit for you we can discuss your options and if not you will leave the session with new insights and awareness. (A group Kickstart to Health program will also be available soon.)

Talk to Keryn today 0408 857 620 or book a free coaching session.

*If you have previously received a Free Coaching session with Keryn in the past 2 years you will be required to pay a reduced fee of $49 for your session. (Normally $150) If you decide to participate in this program this fee will be deducted from your investment.