Private Coaching

Work with Keryn privately for 6 to 12 months for a deeply transformational experience.

This is for spiritual entrepreneurs who desire to uplevel their business success and prosperity, as well as people with big dreams who are ready to go all in and commit to their own success and fulfillment.

What are your big goals or dreams?

Perhaps you wish to excel at a particular skill - as an athlete or musician or artist - perhaps you would like to build a healthy stock portfolio or run a successful business. Maybe you have a desire to write and publish a book, to travel or be a public speaker . . . the possibilities are endless.

What challenges do you face achieving those dreams?

Many people never achieve their dreams because of mindset blocks and deeply ingrained resistance. 

This personal coaching program guides you towards you goals, releasing blocks and resistance, helping enhance your skills and offering mentoring and support so you can achieve your dreams. 

  • easily identify and clear limiting belief systems
  • gain clarity about what your dreams and goals are
  • remove resistance as you move towards your goals
  • enhance skills and confidence
  • personal support and guidance

This program incorporates specific techniques and tools from modalities such as ThetaHealing, Superconscious Recode, Access Consciousness, Money Coaching and 40 years experience in the personal development industry. These techniques allow for a deeper level of transformation and higher potential for success.

We release patterns such as:

  • fear and anxiety
  • feeling like a fraud/not good enough
  • procrastination
  • money blocks

Let's see what is possible for you! Book a no-obligation/no hard sell Strategy Session to help you get clear about your goals and your path forward.