Superconscious Recode

(AKA Magnetic Mind Recode) is a remarkable technique that works with the Superconscious to "recode" blocks and limitations.

Do you ever feel like your constantly "fixing" problems in a bid to improve yourself and have a better life? 

The truth is, what we have learned through the personal development/healing industry about manifesting is flawed. 

With "Recode" we focus on your true nature as a Creator Being and you will discover "You're Not Broken" and you don't have to keep fixing yourself, you were just never taught to live in a creative structure to create the success, love, happiness and wealth you desire.

What would it be like if you could:

Live the Life you truly Love

Be Healthy and Vital

Live your True Nature and Purpose

Be the Predominant Creator in your life

These are the Four Orientational Choices that guide this work.

As children we took on certain programs to stay safe as we learned about the world around us.

As we get older the mind is reluctant to give up these beliefs because it believes it's keeping us safe.

These 6 core beliefs cause us to try to solve the ways we feel incomplete (and always come up short):

  • I am not GOOD ENOUGH
  • i am UNWORTHY
  • I have to be PERFECT

These  hidden beliefs limit our potential, sabotage our success and we end up either feeling "stuck" or feeling that we're taking two steps forward and one step back, never reaching our goals and desires.

Fortunately, by connecting to the SUPERCONSCIOUS we can "recode" this super FAST!

How does it work?

"The field", that is around each of us, our family, humanity, the universe etc provides instructions that tell our cells what to do. We work with the Superconscious to recode any limiting information - which may have been passed down from ancestors, or come from our own events and circumstances, or the collective consciousness.

This can occur easily because of the neuroplasticity of the brain and allows us to teach your brain how to create new connections and release limiting beliefs and trauma.

Superconscious Recode is available through a 16 week Group Coaching program or Private Coaching program.

This approach works best because you have spent your entire life in your current structure, (which could be 20, 30, 40 or more years) and that deeply ingrained patterning requires re-training of the mind and consistent action to instill new patterns to create the desired results.

If you've tried to implement change using willpower, goals and resolutions you'll know that it doesn't work very well. 

Have you ever given up in your diet or exercise regime? 

How often have you wondered what you really want in life?

Have you ever felt resigned to your life the way it is?

Have you ever tried to change and feel pulled back into the same situation?

Do you lack clarity about your true purpose in life? 

This is because we've never been taught how creating/manifesting truly works. We have been handed down a severely flawed "structure" that creates more frustration and hopelessness than anything else. The outcome of this is living unsatisfying lives where people begin to settle into the discomfort and believe they can't achieve anything greater.

This program provides a new "creative structure" and teaches you how to implement this into your daily life - quickly, easily and organically. It will assist you to open up to your TRUE DESIRES and feel aligned with your TRUE PURPOSE. You will be guided every step of the way as you build a solid foundation that will create dynamic and amazing results. 

A vital part of the program are the Superconscious Recodes which teach the Superconscious to remove resistance, smooth your path and integrate all parts of you into a coherent and balanced state that will allow you to step into your true power. 

Join me for a truly life-changing experience and book a no-obligation call below to see if this program is a good fit for you.

You can get a good head start into this work with the Superconscious Recode Experience - a six-week recorded program.